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$1800 for private coaching - 3 months

1:1 private coaching where I’m an open book with my tips and you receive my guidance for 3 months, with a full social media audit, video calls, email support, and worksheets for actionable strategy and tasks.

Grow your brand’s visibility on social media in a way that attracts your dream clients.

From the outside, managing a creative business is easy, care-free and so Instagrammable. But there moments nobody knows about, where you sit ruminating thoughts, wondering whether to call it quits (but you’ve come this far) or what you should change or transition to.

You have a great brand and you’re proud of your achievements so far. You remember the days when you started and were carving a path for yourself… And now you want to scale, you want to go deeper with your reach and you desire to work with people who light you up. Your greatest wish is to be heard, seen, and understood by the people you want to serve.

 You want more. Deeper connections with your audience. Clearer consistent messaging. Greater confidence. Better stories to share in a way that feels true to who you are and conveys your ‘why’ with crystal clarity.

I’d LOVE to work with you if you resonate with the above and also if that’s you:

  • You view the work you do here on earth as a mission, like it’s an act of worship

  • You are a kind-hearted, soulful and conscious business owner who wants to impact the world

  • You want to create a legacy with your brand, not some money-making machine

  • You want to have a profitable business so you can use that money to further advance your mission on this planet

  • You view it as important that you do what aligns with your soul and purpose

If your heart is beating, and your soul stirring, listen…

You’re not alone in your journey. In fact, many creative entrepreneurs go through moments of getting frustrated with their messaging or are unclear how to craft their personal brand online or share the purpose behind their work in a way that resonates with their prospects.

It’s time to brainstorm with someone who gets it.

 To join hands with an ally and friend who can take your overwhelm, insecurities, or lack of confidence, and jot down a thoughtful, strategic and authentic plan that you can follow with ease and grace.

 A plan that doesn’t involve bots, and fake followers, and follow-unfollow nonsense. Just good marketing strategies that will grow a strong, authentic community around your creative or artisan business and put money in your pocket.

 And that’s where I come in.

You want uncomplicated processes and strategies. You don’t want to manipulate people (ewww) into buying from you. Gosh, even if I did want to teach you that - I wouldn’t know how! It doesn’t align with my soul because I view work as worship, and as contributing to something bigger than myself - and I bet, so do you. Your brand is not a sales pitch. It is your innermost gift - and it could beautify the world. But first...

Let’s develop guiding principles that will get your business in front of the right eyes, at the right time, for the right reason. Let’s get you visible with full confidence, step by step so more people hear from you.

Together, we will craft your personal brand strategy as the founder of your brand/business and elevate your message so people truly understand what you do, why you do this, and how you can serve them.

Here’s what you get:

Private coaching for 3 months virtually - you don't have to leave your home or your atelier. You can be based anywhere in the world and we can still work together.

  • 6 x 60-min 1:1 sessions via Zoom video calls (valued at $2382)

  • a full social media audit of your social media account (valued at $120)

  • worksheets with actionable tasks and exercises to dig deeper into your brand and story (valued at $650)

  • unlimited email support in-between sessions, if you wish to clarify something or ask questions (valued at $397)

  • access to my online course Craft Your Authentic Instagram Strategy (valued at $250)

  • confidence as you get comfortable with your personal brand and getting visible to share your story (priceless!)

The total value is $3799+ but that’s not what you pay. So you’ll be investing in personal guidance that allows you to reach more of your dream clients through building genuine connections with your audience.

Together, we’ll get to the core of your challenges. We’ll unpack what keeps you up at night, and makes waking up in the morning a little difficult to do at times.

Ultimately, I will help you leverage social media using my personal signature framework: Season, Strengthen & Sustain to build a solid personal brand, network online, and share your story to captivate hearts.

Strategy Session with Benike.png

In one private session with our Sassy Salt Shaker, Benike, you will gain clarity on where to focus in your social media strategy. Perfect for you if you’re looking to grow your following, turn followers into buyers, and clearly communicate the essence of what you do, in an authentic manner and while honouring who you are as a creative entrepreneur, artist, designer, or artisan.

You have the right to believe you can shape and impact the world through your work.

You have the right to believe that you can grow your brand online using social media or any platform you feel comfortable with.

You have everything within you to be highly successful - on your own terms.

But something is ‘off’ … and you would love to regain a sense of direction.

  • You feel a bit lost in how to brand yourself online, even if you’re not a newbie at this.

  • Your efforts don’t seem to be working like before and you’re not sure what to do or post anymore.

  • You don’t feel confident in your messaging - what the heck to write in those captions??

  • You’re seeking a strategy that works for you, the time you have, and that meets your goals.

BrandSalt can guide you! Our Sassy Salt Shaker, Benike will listen to your challenges, frustrations, and we will focus on ONE main goal and develop a strategy (a plan) to get you in the right direction. A path that feels good, that makes you feel confident, while staying true to yourself.

Here’s what you’ll get in this strategy session:

  • 1 x questionnaire to deep dive into your challenges and where you want to be

  • 1 x 60 mins Zoom video call

  • a written document with actionable tasks/an action plan

  • renewed confidence (priceless!)

  • unlimited email support for 2 weeks after our session for any questions or if you wish to clarify something