I teach creatives how to do social media in a way that feels authentic to them and to their brand, without compromising who they are. We can absolutely change the world this way!

My story

Delighting people has always been at the heart of what I do

Whether it was in the thoughtfully penned poems I gave friends in primary school, or making sure people were thoroughly happy in my jobs in Tourism & Hospitality, I love to delight! I observed and became a master at turning any bad situation into a positive experience for the clients. I took pride in crafting delightful experiences for clients. This is still at the heart of what I do even today as a social media coach.

Connecting with other humans is one of my greatest passions

I speak three languages fluently, as well as dabble with other languages based on my nomadic journey. This helps me pay attention to the words I use and the context in which they are used so that meaning and intention can be felt each time I speak or write. I love building relationships and community - I am what you call an outgoing introvert!

I walk the talk - there’s no pretense in my work

All the tips I provide in my captions, my training videos, and my private coaching have been personally tried and tested. For years, I leveraged social media to build my personal brand and am able to harness its power to make it work for me and my businesses. I never had to look for work anymore since I started using social media to market myself - clients find me and apply to work with me.

Why I created BrandSalt

In 2008, when I was still working in the hospitality industry, I attended every training I could within our hotel chain on digital marketing. I became so passionate about social media that I helped others set-up & manage their social media accounts for their businesses. It was only a matter of time before I realized that people were willing to pay me for this. I freelanced for 3 years in social media management and marketing for clients around the world (U.S.A, South Africa, England, and Mauritius) before finally setting up my own boutique media agency - BrandSalt in Feb 2018. A decade later, I’m still learning as much as I can on all things social media.

I believe we as humans are salt of the Earth; that we are called to create using the treasures within us for the greater good of our community, and ultimately, our world. I believe we have one life so we better make it count - do work that we enjoy, work wherever, have the freedom to live, freedom to play, and freedom to create.

Born in Mauritius island, I left in 2001 to pursue a nomadic lifestyle, working in the UAE, South Africa, and later on as a digital nomad in various other countries around the world. Creativity and connecting with others in an authentic, meaningful way constantly reflect in the way I live.

I’m a creative at heart, and have always enjoyed living true to my passions and who I am. I wanted to live my life in the most meaningful way possible. If I can help others build a life of freedom as they grow their creative and artisan businesses, then I’m able to make an impact.

My passion is teaching you how to do social media with heart - my personal framework that delights hearts and also drives profits.

Why modern artisans and creatives?

My choice to work with modern artisans is because it gives me great joy to serve people who put their heart and soul in their work, who create more beauty in the world by their creativity. A little confession: working with creatives, I know that if we have to one day meet, it’ll be by the beach or somewhere beautiful rather than a stuffy boardroom with grey carpets (been there, and luckily escaped!).

Modern artisan (n): a creative who lives & breathes a craft to impact others and the community at large. This can be thoughtful, conscious handmade products or modern crafts/services (web design, photography, coaching, writing, coding, etc).