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As a result of my work with Béa, my Instagram now has more followers, more customers and higher conversions and content reach. People have started reaching out on a more personal level and wanting to know more about us as a brand which has been exciting and fun, as well as bringing new collaborations and ideas to the table. 

Before I started working with BrandSalt, my social media wasn’t as engaging and I wasn’t really using hashtags or locations.

With the social media audit, Béa helped me become a lot more personal and show people a face behind my brand, I now work with intention and use all of my engaging tips to help reach a bigger and broader audience.  through using hashtags, maximising on questions, commenting on accounts I like and follow and finding new audiences to market to. 

Béa gave me amazing insight into pro’s and cons of my business and how to run things smoother and more professionally.

Kirst Gordon,

Founder and Creative Director

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Ce que j’aime dans l’approche de Béa, c’est qu’elle est franche, n’y va pas par autre chemins, est toujours positive.

Ses conseils m’ont permis de mieux orienter mes posts sur Instagram et Facebook, de raconter l’histoire qui se cache derrière mon business et donc de créer plus de lien avec mes followers.

Avant de travailler avec Béa, je postais des photos sur Instagram dans le seul but de vendre mes créations. J’avais du mal à créer une interaction/un contact avec mes followers.

Je recommande BrandSalt sans hésitation: l’aide et l'analyse de Béa sont un plus pour tous les business naissant (et pour les autres aussi je suis certaine).

Béa est encourageante, donne de superbes tips et est disponible si on a des questions.

Après le social media audit de mon compte business Instagram, je me sens guidée et sur la bonne voie pour que mon business évolue positivement!

Camille Coquet-Diesel,

Creatrice de bijoux

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With the social media audit, Béa helped me to create a more harmonious feed on Instagram by giving me very interesting tips such as using only one font to harmonise the feed, adding some ambiance pictures and quotes from time to time, and most importantly using a feed planner to preview how my feed will look like before posting any picture. Before I started working with BrandSalt, my social media was quite eclectic since I am posting pictures coming from different artisans having completely different styles. 

As a result of my work with Béa, my Instagram feed is now really nice to look at, and my followers are constantly growing up. Her techniques also helped me to save a lot of time: I now plan my work more efficiently, instead of posting randomly as before. 

I recommend BrandSalt because Béa provides excellent advices and techniques specifically adapted to each account individually. Which was exactly what I was looking for.

I also strongly recommend to follow her weekly gazette on which she keeps giving us great tips every Friday!

Céline Koenig,