What is a social media strategy and why do you need one?


Having a social media presence is great for your brand and business, but without a good strategy, your efforts can seem fruitless. If you’re passionate about your brand and what you do, I am sure you want to see some form of results. This can be an enquiry from a visitor to your Facebook page or a ‘like’ to what you just posted on Instagram about your offer.

What is a social media strategy?

Let’s begin by unpacking what it is. A social media strategy is essentially a plan that guides you in how you’ll be using social media to reach your desired goals.These goals could be driving traffic to your online shop or blog, raising awareness about your product, or boosting the sales of your product. It’s about building a genuine connection between your brand and your customers.

What it isn’t - some kind of 'military action plan to kill’ or ‘win the game’. It is not a game. It is a not a battle field. I’m talking pure, simple strategy that doesn’t make you feel like you’ve sold your soul. It has to be aligned with your values, be authentic, and be easily actionable even if you’re not a social media marketer.

It’s how my clients discover me and hire my services. It’s how you too can make sales without having to scream out your offers.

The five elements of a successful social media strategy:

  • Getting clear on your brand, your products, and what you’re offering to others.

  • Knowing who you want as customers, and how you can help them.

  • Knowing how you’ll present your brand & offers to the people you wish to have as customers.

  • Building genuine connections so that you captivate your audience so they take the action you want (without having to force or manipulate).

  • Creating a workflow that allows you to do the above in a way that feels comfortable to you, and with confidence.

My signature framework

I have designed an easy-to-follow framework that helps you build a successful social media strategy that’s tailored to who you are, your values, your brand, and your customers. My personal framework does that in three simple stages: Season, Strengthen, and Sustain. I go deep with this in my private 1:1 coaching package and work collaboratively with you to create a social media strategy that not only feels good but also provides results.

If you too want to create a successful social media strategy, be attentive to what your customers want, and what their struggles and/or dreams are. Make sure you know exactly how to infuse your personality and brand values in the way you present yourself on social media so that your brand tone resonates with your audience, ultimately captivating them. Finally -and I cannot stress this one enough - have a social media content plan. Let’s not forget that you have other things to do within your business, not just social media. A good plan means you’ll know when best to roll out certain offers as well as seize opportunities of important days or capitalise on social media days. You’ll certainly won’t be getting sucked into the endless scrolling rabbit hole nor will you stare blankly not knowing what to post next on Instagram.

Ultimately, it’s about getting a grip on social media and leveraging it in a powerful (yet soulful) way. If you’re ready to start using social media with heart as well as implementing a solid strategy, click here to read how we can work together. Let’s make the next quarter your best yet!