2 Non Negotiable Qualities To Have on Social Media as an Artisan Brand


You have a passion for your art, for your craft. You live a creative life, want to monetize your art or handmade products and want to share this passion on social media in your business.

Today, I’m sharing two non-negotiable qualities to have on social media. Having these two qualities will get you ahead.

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When it comes to social media, know that it’s something that takes time. Social media is about building relationships, connecting with people. It’s social, and online on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Just like in real life, relationships take time. Think about how you became friends with your current group of friends. You need a lot of shared moments.

Be patient as you’re building your following. At first you’ll find nobody really is finding you or interacting with you. It’s normal - you are just starting. Give yourself time, and be kind to yourself.

You need time to nurture your audience. Social media is long-term strategy not just a like here and there.


You need to have genuine care for your audience and customers on social media. People have to see this on social media. How do they see that?

When someone comments on your Instagram post, don’t leave them hanging. Reply.

That person took time out of his or her day to ask you something or write you - reply. Even if it’s not a legit comment, other people are watching and viewing your account. If they see that you don’t respond to comments of other people, what gives them the incentive to comment? If you want more engagement, that’s key - engage with people who comment on your posts.

Make sure you infuse and inject care in what you do. Customers can feel that - how much care did you put in writing your posts, how much care you poured into crafting your bio, or doing this beautiful flatlay of your handmade, ethical products.