How to increase engagement on Instagram and who to engage with?

A lot of people often ask me about engagement. What they mean by that is they want more people to comment or have more likes. They’d like to have more conversations form their audience. Do you want to have more engagement on your Instagram account?

When it comes to social media, I’m a firm believer that what you give out, you will receive.

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Engagement: give to get

Let me ask you this, are you commenting on other people’s accounts on Instagram? It’s easy to post something on Instagram and wait for everyone to comment or like. No wonder you might get disappointed when you don’t see much happening. Maybe you get a handful of likes, or comments. Bottom line - it’s not what you expected. Frankly, you’re a little hurt and sad even.

Before you throw your arms in despair, give out what you want more of.

Give out comments to increase engagement

This is one of my most used tips and I have seen it worked brilliantly for a lot of the people I coach social media to. Set aside 10-20 mins per day. Use that time to comment on a maximum number of Instagram accounts you possibly can. Comment on accounts using hashtags you follow and regularly use.

When you comment on other’s posts, make sure it’s a good mix of popular accounts (over 20k followers), medium-sized accounts (10k followers or so), and smaller ones (less than 10k). Not only do comments increase your visibility, they also help the algorithm know you’re a social one. It works well in your favour - the more you engage, and are active, the more Instagram will show your posts.

Do comment on people who leave you comments. Check your previous posts and go leave them comments too on a lot of their posts. It helps them come back to you to comment too - thus encouraging conversations.

Like other people’s posts

In the same way as for comments, give out likes generously. Like posts you genuinely enjoy and find appealing.

Which accounts to engage with?

As I love preaching about using social media in an authentic way, engage with accounts you like. There are real people with beautiful accounts on Instagram, just like you, who are also trying to find their community.

Follow accounts you genuinely love. Engage with them on a regular basis as much as possible. You could turn on the notifications for their posts so you never miss when they post.

Engage with accounts using similar hashtags you use, follow, or like.

Live by your values and show your authentic self. You might want to check out these non-negotiable qualities to have on social media as an artisan brand.

Three types of audience to engage with:

1. Accounts who support you

E.g Are you an artisan? Follow and engage with accounts who support artisans. I support modern artisans and you’re welcome to use the hashtag #BrandsaltSocial to be part of our community of creatives and artisans.

2. Your ideal clients and followers - these are the ones you hope will like your products

3. Similar accounts to you - sometimes it’s great to share with others in your niche or industry (#communityovercompetition after all!). Also great if these are accounts with a similar amount of followers as you. You could then support one another as you grow even more.

Over time, you will see that there are those who will come back regularly to chat with you. Nurture the relationships you build over social media just like you would in real life. Keep in mind that people do business with people they know, like, and trust. The more you socialise, the more people can get to know you, like you, and trust you.

If you learn best by audio and visual, go watch the 4-min video I made here on this topic.